Brianna Hill, A Black Transgender Woman, Found Shot To Death In Kansas City

A Black transgender woman was found shot to death in Kansas City, Missouri, on Monday. 

Local outlet KCTV5 News reported that Brianna “BB” Hill, 30, was killed on Monday morning allegedly by an unidentified man who is now in custody. Hill, who also spelled her name Breonna Be’Be Hill, was pronounced dead when police arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting.

Kansas City police Capt. Tim Hernandez told KCTV5 that the alleged shooter remained at the scene for officers to arrive. Police are not looking for any more suspects.

George Cherry, a neighbor of Hill’s, told KCTV5 that the death of the transgender woman hit close to home for him as a gay man. 

“They are human beings. Quit the violence,” Cherry said. “This shouldn’t be happening to the LGBTQ community. It hurts our families and our community.” 

Hill is at least the 21st known transgender or gender non-conforming person killed this year in the United States, the Human Rights Campaign says. She is the 19th Black transgender woman to be killed, and the third transgender or gender non-conforming person to be killed in Kansas City. 

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